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Knowledge and life are not stable. With a constant evolution of human lifestyle, design spreads far across our lives. We have a single motive to stay connected with trends and find new ways to solve problems.

Design Mortals is a place for learning and developing skills to adhere to humans. It's not a School for designers but a bridge to finding their way. It's our passion and dedication that gives teaching a whole a new direction.

  • Kishor Fogla

    Business Head
    Yellow Slice Design

  • Sunny Padiyar

    Design Director
    Yellow Slice Design

How Different


UX Environment
The surrounding is an experience in itself. Its said that people who live by sea make good fisherman.

  • Reference Materials

    Get the sources right to the right knowledge

  • Placement Assistance

    We put your profile to prospective employers

  • Expert Guests Lectures

    Leading designers and industry expert to take special sessions

  • Lecture Handouts

    Post every lecture access all materials in Digital format

  • Industry Knowledge

    Learn about the industry, tips and tricks to move ahead

  • Career Counselling

    At the end of the course we conduct tests for the evaluation. We consult the students individually to choose the right career path

  • Live Project Exposure

    Work on live projects and get industry experience

  • Detailed UX Process and Strategy

    Learn the UX process and good hands on each steps

  • Onsite Training

    During the classes, you get to work in a UX design studio

  • UX Lab

    Test products and work with a UX lab

  • Portfolio Building

    Right from the beginning, we work with you to build your solid profile

  • Collaborate with the design community

    Be the part of the design community

  • Practical driven teaching

    All teachings are designed to explain with examples and real life instances

  • Access to UX resources

    We provide you with the best resources like books, blogs, websites, tools, people etc

  • Feild Visits

    Visits at various places and studios help you get a broader perspective

  • Learn from Best in Class Faculties

    Faculties teaching are UX designers themselves who have worked on multiple UX projects




User Experience

Foundation UX is an extensive hands-on graphic design with complete knowledge of software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. It is the very base or foundation to master User Experience. It would cover brochure, catalogues, logo design and many more, do check our lecture hand out.



User Experience

Master classes are one of our newest course designed for those who have a keen interest in problem solving, user-centered approach and visually appealing designs. This course isn't just about making something pretty — it's also about creating exceptional products that people want and need. This course educates you about complete UI and UX process and its implementation. In this course we make you familiar with the current UI and UX trends for web and mobile both. You will be actively involved in a live industrial project towards the end of the course. By the end, you'll know have a great knowledge about the subject and will have the confidence to take up your next job as a UI/UX designer.



who can apply


Anyone with a good understanding for Graphic Design and confident in using design softwares

  • Working design professionals
  • Engineers
  • Freshers Design
  • Front-end/Backend Developer
  • Design Enthusiast
  • Design Students


Tyron Cleto Gracias

Designs were always my area of interest, but coming from a non-design background, it seemed difficult for me to pursue a career in it. Design Mortals has exposed me to the arena of UI/UX and offered me in-depth knowledge about the field and what it actually entails. It is because of this course that I could direct my interest in pursuing a profession in design.

Soumyadeep Auddy

Design mortals gave me step by step guidance on how to be a good ux/ui designer and ensures to take over a project solely. The classes and lectures are structured in a very simple and yet efficient way where lot of ongoing activities during the classes to understand the topics better and helps to keep more engaged. One good thing, there is also an opportunity for a week training where one can go through the process that is involved, lot of doubts get cleared since you get to know the practical approach. The faculties are extremely good and friendly. It’s not like any other teacher and student relationship. Thus, if anyone out there as budding designers and want to be an ux/ui designer or want to make a career switch to be a designer of tomorrow then design mortals is the best place for you.



1. What are the placement opportunities?

We help you in the placements and send your profile to various companies. Well performing students are directly hired by Yellow Slice.

2. What is the fee structure? Can I pay in installments?

Please note that we have various offers running on our website so please check for the current running offers. For instalments please call and check with us.

3. What is the eligibility criteria?

The applicant should have a basic design knowledge. He/she should also have good hands on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

4. How will it help me in my career?

We provide you the certificates for these courses. UX is an upcoming field and most of the companies are looking for UX designers. If you're interested in problem-solving, want a career that's in demand and typically pays well, you must consider taking up these courses.

5. Do you also provide industrial training?

Yes, we do get you involved in live industry projects.

6. Who can apply for the course?

Anyone who is very passionate about the subject and wish to make his/her career in UX design.
Working design professionals, Engineers, Freshers Design, Font-end/backend Developer, Design Enthusiast, Design Students.

7. Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get the course certificate from Design Mortals

8. What is the average salary of the UX designer?

It varies a lot and depends totally on the designer's profile.

9. How can I apply?

You can check with us about the upcoming batches and book your seat by paying an advance amount of 15,000 INR.

10. Who will teach me?

We have experienced faculties who are UX designers themselves and have worked on plenty of UX projects. Also, there would be industry experts to take special sessions.

11. Can I sit for a demo class?

NO, we don't allow visitors to sit in the class

12. Can I Visit the classroom? I want to meet the faculty members

Yes, you can. Please inform us in advance.

13. What are the payment options?

You can pay by- NEFT/CASH/CHEQUE

14. Will you help me in building my portfolio?

Right from the beginning we work with you to build your solid profile. We help you in building a good portfolio and also assist in making a good resume.

15. Are there any tests or examination at the end of the course?

Yes, at the end of the course we tests and evaluate your knowledge on the subject. Based on your score we even have counselling sessions.

16. Where is the address? Is it in Mumbai?

Yes we are in Mumbai, Goregaon West
4th Floor, Kunthu Commerce centre. Near Ayappa temple, Bangur Nagar. Goregaon West. Mumbai- 400090

17. Which is the nearest local station and how far is it?

Nearest is Goregaon West station. It's about 2.5 km from the station

18. What is the future of UX designer?

UX Designers have a dynamic profile. All good companies are looking for UX designers to work on the product. You can become UX Tester, UX Researcher, UX Designer, Product Manager, Design Entrepreneur, Product Head, Can be a part of a startup company.

19. Do you have online classes?

NO, currently we have only offline classroom teaching. But soon we are coming up with online classes. You can drop us a line if you are interested in the same. We will update you.

20. Do I need to carry my laptop for the classes?

Yes, you need to carry your laptop and other equipment to the class. Most of the classes are practical and workshop and you need to carry it in every class. We will inform prior when the laptops are required.

21. Is there any specific laptop I need to have?

Your laptop should have sufficient RAM and processor to run design applications. We prefer you have Apple MacBook.

22. What do I do in case if I miss a class?

We suggest to not miss any lectures. But in case you miss a class, we have 2 options
a. Come early in the next class or take out time anytime during the week. You can have a personal individual session
b. Inform prior, we can have a voice recording of the lecture to help you understand the lecture handout.

23. Will I have access to the study materials?

Yes, After every class you will get the link to the lecture.

24. Do I need to know HTML /frontend/ backend knowledge to become UX designer?



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